TecTalk Meetup Digitale Gremlins

TecTalk is the monthly Meetup program of Stadslab Eindhoven - about technology developments with social impact.

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Thursday, May 4, the subject is Digital Gremlins. Do you want to escape the grip of the algorithm? Smarter googling, Netflixing, ordering, tweeting and using social media? Better technology? Stop watching passively and take action? Then join the army of digital gremlins. Together we take back control and make the world a little bit better.

The Meetup proudly welcomes the 'Technophilosopher @ Fontys University' Rens van der Vorst. Researcher, writer and speaker with the motto: Does technology make our lives better? And, what is exactly meant by better? Can we combine humor and technology and still communicate our important message?

The subject is approached from a social and cultural perspective. After the introduction it will be discussed with invited and uninvited guests to learn which ideas are alive and – perhaps being born…

We welcome residents, students/education, government and companies to talk and meet.

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Date & time

Thursday, May 4
19:30 - 22:00


Stadslab Eindhoven
Gasfabriek 6
5613 CP Eindhoven