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Whiz-Tec Northern Europe Branche: ICT & Telecommunicatie, Software


Whiz-Tec Northern Europe, based in the Netherlands, provides business to business software distribution, including services. We mainly distribute and service two solutions;

The Whiz-Tec suite
Whiz-Tec Northern Europe distributes the Whiz-Tec suite in the Benelux, UK, Germany and Scandinavia.
The Whiz-Tec software suite is an output management software solution designed for IBM Power Systems (IBM i).

With Whiz-Doc you can easily create and distribute all your business documents. The spoolfile formatting and distribution to laser-, labelprinters, e-mail, PDF and XML can be done with a brand-new Graphical User Interface.
No programming in applications is necessary to make any (quick!) changes in the lay out of business documents output.

The user-friendly software solutions and highly qualified services contribute to efficient business processes and will save money and does not put any pressure on your (HR)resources.

Whiz-Tec Northern Europe distributes FITdoc in the Netherlands and Germany.

FITdoc is an easy to use and affordable document management solution for any organization.

Document digitalization, workflow management, digital archiving. With FITdoc you can keep all you documents in one central place but still at hand everywhere. The solution will save you time and money as searching/finding documents goes fast and storage of documents happens very efficiënt.

Apart from the distribution of these two software solutions, we also provides services related to the Quick-EDD/HA high availability software for IBM Power Systems (IBM i).

The Quick-EDD/HA services consists of performing Health Checks, Switch tests, Migrations and 24x7 full management of Quick-EDD/HA.

Putting maximum effort in keeping customers happy, is what the owners of the company, Jacob Flik and Leo Oppenheimer, have in mind for over 25 years.

Whiz-Tec offers powerful solutions for your document production on IBM i
Whiz-TEC products bring powerful native solutions to your IBM i. Each product is adapted to your needs, whether it be graphical document production and distribution or XML production, integration and conversion to graphical documents.

Over their years of existence, Whiz-TEC products (formerly known as Quick-PRESS and Quick-SPOOL) have always evolved with the needs of our customers.

Thanks to our seasoned technicians and developers, we provide a fast and efficient support of our products. Whether it be to help you implement our solutions to your production or to provide new functions, we are always available.

Whiz-DOC (formerly known as Quick-PRESS) has been present for more than 25 years and is used by many companies around the world. The level of functionalities of our products, the fact that they are always evolving and the quality of our support are the reason why we are still here after so many years.

Nieuwstraat 11 A
5301 EV Zaltbommel
T: 085-0139608
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Oprichtingsjaar: 1992
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