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Labels-IP Branche: Zakelijke dienstverlening, Overig zakelijke dienstverlening


We help strategically oriented marketers working at internationally active companies with:

◾️Protection/ registration of the identity of your goods and services in the market so that you can build your brands and keep competitors at bay without main concerns;
◾️Availability searches to get to know whether a trademark or design is available for use;
◾️The defence of your legal position for the identity of products and services so that you can maintain and even expand your own position in the market;
◾️Conflicts in order to take legal position but being pragmatic and avoiding unnecessary discussions or conflicts;
◾️Management of trademark and design portfolios in an efficient and effective way to unburden you as much as possible.

This all together enables us to focus on your specific interests, so that you can focus on your business.

Your benefits doing business with us:

◾️We think along from your legal and actual (commercial) interests;
◾️We will find practical and out-of-the box-solutions that work for your business;
◾️We are very approachable;
◾️I have a winning mentality and I am feisty if I need to be. Though, this will always be aligned with your specific interest.

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