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PI stands for technical excellence and continuous advance in precision positioning – driven by the passion for technology and its use in customer applications.

Innovative drive concepts, products, and system solutions have led to continuous growth of market shares of the PI Group and constant development of the company in the past years. The target of the PI Group is to develop this market and technological leadership even further and therefore secure a decisive competitive advantage for its customers.

The high vertical range of manufacturing enables PI to have complete control over its processes and this allows flexible reaction to market developments and new requirements. Modern organizational forms, such as the fractal production model, guarantee efficient production from batch sizes of just one to small series, as well as the manufacture of OEM products in large quantities.

PI has its own sales and service offices in all important markets. Moreover, the company maintains test equipment for nanometrology on three continents. PI China and PI USA have in-house development and manufacturing resources that allow them to respond rapidly to customer inquiries in a self-sufficient manner.

- Ensure Quality and Scalability with Advanced Technologies, Production Tools, and Work Processes
The high quality of the products, a reliable delivery, and a dependable operation for the intended application as well as a flexible scaling of the solutions are important criteria for the success of our customers. PI has the equipment, technologies, and production processes that make it possible to reliably produce and qualify a wide variety of different products and guarantee the required specifications and quantities: From application laboratories and measurement rooms with a constant climate through class ISO 5 clean rooms and cryo chambers to a modern production management system that makes it possible to produce large quantities quickly and flexibly.

- Endless, Inexhaustible, Limitless, Indefinite, Infinite.
PI has built an extensive portfolio filled with the most advanced products in high-precision motion and positioning. We can help you with our broad range of standard actuators, stages or hexapods. However, often applications ask for customized products or tailored motion subsystems. Whether it is about an entire solution or optimizing an existing one: Our range of precision products offers you a world of infinite possibilities. Our team delivers more than just parts. We are dedicated to define the question behind your challenge. We are eager to help you reach your goals.

Get in touch and we will personally guide you in your search for the most fitting solution.

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5492 BA Sint-Oedenrode
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