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Dok Vast Branche: Bedrijfshuisvesting, Overig bedrijfshuisvesting


Dok Vast is a professional developer and investor in real estate and sustainable real estate. Within this context, offices, business premises, shops and villas are developed in the broadest sense of the word. We endeavour to build up and maintain long-term relationships with our clientele. Therefore, all projects are closely monitored by our own team.

In addition to functionality and feasibility, particular attention is given to comfort, appearance and sustainability. The aspect of sustainability is expressed in a number of unique projects that have already been completed or are still under development. We are convinced that buildings of the future shall and should be energy neutral, CO2 neutral and healthy. At present, an affiliate 'Green Building Concept' site is being developed.

De Lind 13 a
5061 HS Oisterwijk
T: 013-5299750
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