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Thermaflex Isolatie Branche: Industrie, Kunststoffen


We develop smart solutions for thermal distribution using state-of-the-art flexible pre-insulated piping systems that are applied in residential areas, offices, hotels, public buildings and industries across the globe. In line with our energy and environment saving mission, we ourselves strive to full sustainability. Therefore we look for efficient and renewable energy sources for our own production processes. Consequently using (raw) materials in our products that meet the highest health and safety standards plus are energy efficient and recyclable. In order to be sustainable, the long life-cycles and recyclability of the materials we use make a significant difference.

Veerweg 1
5145 NS Waalwijk
T: 0416-567777
I: Website

Business facts
Medewerkers: > 100
Oprichtingsjaar: 1976
Vestigingen: 14
Jaaromzet: > €5.000.000