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MAAS Watches Branche: Lifestyle en retail, Overig lifestyle en retail


At our company, we are firm believers that regardless of your current path in life, each individual carries immense potential within. Our meticulously designed watches serve as a tangible reflection of this innate talent, a constant reminder of the untapped brilliance that lies deep within you.

Dedication to Perfection:
Japanese watchmaking companies have a strong emphasis on precision, discipline, and continuous improvement for their craft.

This dedication to perfection translates into the meticulous craftsmanship seen in Japanese watches.

Experience the world of MAAS:
Our timepieces embody the spirit of those who dare to dream, those who refuse to settle for mediocrity, and those who understand the beauty of precision. Whether you are exploring uncharted territories, conquering new challenges, or making a mark in your chosen field.

Kerkhofstraat 21
5554 HG Valkenswaard
T: 0492-417496
I: Website

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Oprichtingsjaar: 2020
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