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Think Smart English Branche: Personeel & organisatie, Opleiding en coaching


Although we are a newly established business, our founder is backed with a wealth of years of industry experience in the United Kingdom. As a result, she has the knowledge to teach those who want to improve their: communication; grammar; business or academic skills.

Being a partner to Anglia means we are able to offer official certificates / diplomas from the UK which are recognised worldwide. Ranging from beginners to Masters C2 level.

All our foreign participants – whether it be students, company employees, teachers or expats – are able to fulfill their language needs in order to function in our Dutch society in an inclusive way.

As TSE we work towards our clients’ needs. Every school team, company employee, student or expat might have different starting levels and different needs. Therefore, we design tailor-made courses and workshops that are constantly adjusted. So, following a workshop or doing a course means ‘work in progress’.

As TSE we plan every workshop and course in consultation with schools and companies anticipating their individual needs by using their vision and mission as guidance in addition to their personal requirements. We start our workshops and courses whenever it fits during the year being flexible when it comes to content and speed.


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