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Contronics Branche: Industrie, Overig industrie


45% of all beautiful crops that grow on our fields ends up wasted. This not only puts a heavy burden on our environment, but is also unacceptable in a world with a growing population and so many mouths to feed. For that reason, Contronics developed Dry Misting.

Dry Misting is a technology that spreads tiny drops of water in the air, creating a thin layer of mist. As the mist evaporates, the humidity rises and the temperature drops naturally. When applied on fresh products, Dry Misting results in retaining freshness, colour and nutrients. Extending the shelf life of these products up to twice as long and hereby reducing food waste.

Ambachtsweg 8
5492 NJ Sint-Oedenrode
T: 0413487000
I: Website

Business facts
Medewerkers: 25 - 50
Oprichtingsjaar: 1981
Vestigingen: -
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