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Culimaat Branche: Lifestyle en retail, Interieur


Designing high end kitchens and complete programmes for kitchenbrand Culimaat.

Culimaat does not build kitchens, we create kitchen concepts. Clients often say that we have opened a new world for them. This seems a little excessive to us. But it is true that ”limitations” do not exist in our belief system. So yes, we enjoy exploring the possible and impossible in the materials that we use. Yes, we delight in stimulating the imagination of our designers. Yes, we leap at the chance of working with a customer or partner who says he has an idea that will be impossible to achieve. Yes, we are driven by a passion to prove ourselves to clients, the market and the outside world. We want to re-invent ourselves every day.

Culimaat was started in 1984 and has worked since 2012 with a few dealers that, until this moment, are located in the Netherlands. We are still working to expand this (international) network.

We have also delivered in other countries (Spain, France, UK, Belgium, Germany, Dubai and Ibiza) but only to individuals from the Netherlands with a second home. At this moment we are working with prospects in China, Itali and Curacao.

De Enst 7
5258 BM Berlicum
T: 073-5039060
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Business facts
Medewerkers: 25 - 50
Oprichtingsjaar: 1984
Vestigingen: 1
Jaaromzet: -

Culimaat High End Kitchens