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Fabory Nederland Branche: Industrie, Overig industrie


Fabory supplies high quality fasteners, tool and industrial articles to all kind of companies throughout Europe. As part of Grainger we are a sound company with distribution possibilities worldwide.

We offer you: quality, convenience, cost reduce and know -how

Quality is the base of our products, people and services.

Convenience and cost reduce
We make sure you can increase your efficiency and reduce your costs so you can fully focus on your processes.

With our knowledge and experience we always find a right solution for your questions.

Check www.fabory.com how Fabory can help you!

Zevenheuvelenweg 44
5048 AN Tilburg
T: 013-5941234
I: Website

Business facts
Medewerkers: > 100
Oprichtingsjaar: 1947
Vestigingen: 45
Jaaromzet: > €5.000.000