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Clevir Solutions Branche: ICT & Telecommunicatie, Software


We are Clevir.

We believe in Virtual Workspaces for the Real World.

Workspaces that let users and platforms collaborate and communicate.
This way we can truly improve security, productivity, manageability and user hapiness.

Clevir delivers a workspace solution to bring all your apps (new and legacy) to the cloud (private and/or public). In that way end users have access to all these apps through our workspace portal at any time, any device and anywhere.

Clevir's Workspace Solution delivers the best end user experience at half the cost of traditional solutions. Solution Partners, Hosters and Cloud partners can use our technology to deliver this white-labeled Workspace-as-a-Service to their customers and their partners.

Clouddesq is a Clevir label.

Veemarktkade 8 unit 7238
5222 AE Den Bosch
T: 088-2356633
I: Website

Business facts
Medewerkers: 10 - 25
Oprichtingsjaar: 2000
Vestigingen: 1
Jaaromzet: -