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About Expandable
Expandable is the supplier of affordable movable spaces with short delivery times. Our products excel at user-friendliness and customizability. Using high-end innovative technology, we ensure an easy setup at any location.

We hold principles like usability and short delivery times in such high regard because they have been an integral part of our company since day one. Our core formula has since grown to include multifunctional design, an attractive look, low operating costs, and excellent value for money. We strive to offer a unique product with a short delivery time and an easy set-up, deployable at any location in a wide range of applications.

Examples include road shows, product launches, mobile broadcasts, event promotions, and many more.

We believe that we can increase the accessibility of moveable spaces and mobile facilities. Our mission is to create multifunctional, user-friendly movable spaces that are easy to operate and that serve their end-users. These mobile spaces allow people to be the best version of themselves, wherever they are.

Expandable wants to be an extension of entrepreneurship for its partners worldwide – helping them think of solutions. Together we want to make the world of movable spaces as accessible as possible. We believe in a world without substandard solutions.

Features Expandable

Your Expandable comes with panels in a standard RAL color. Fully customize the exterior of your trailer, container or hybrid to meet your brand identity requirements. And use our 3D drawings to finish and furnish the interior. You can choose from a wide range of options:
- Air conditioning/heating system
- Glass facades
- Aluminum windows
- Entrance stairs
- Basic electrical installation
- Storage space under the trailer
- And many more…

Our unique Expandables are constructed almost entirely from serially manufactured components, keeping construction costs low. Thanks to our smart engineering, the number of normal wear and tear parts is limited. Ensuring a remarkably low total cost of ownership.

You can extend the volume of your Expandable to almost twice its size in less than 15 minutes by sliding both longitudinal sides outwards. When extended, the floor area of our largest Expandable makes you feel like you are in a real ‘building’.

Easy set up:
We manufacture user-friendly movable spaces. You don’t have to be a technical expert to operate our Expandables. Thanks to the user-friendly hydraulic system and our handy wireless remote control, the movables are easily set up and ready for use within less than 15 minutes.

Delivery time:
We are designing and manufacturing our Expandables in house. The efficient use of materials and systems allows us to considerably reduce manufacturing time, guaranteeing short delivery times while minimizing our global footprint.

All our trailers, containers and hybrids are designed around expandability and movability. They are easy to relocate by normal truck. Meaning that you can swiftly move your own uniquely customized Expandable to any location.

Our operation centers around key core values. The first is movability. We design each unit with a focus on expandability and easy relocation. This is seen in our modern, transportable expandable trailer, designed for effortless customization.

Ease of use is also central to our approach. We manufacture easy-to-set-up movable spaces, requiring no technical expertise, thanks to user-friendly systems. We also prioritize affordability, using serially manufactured components to keep costs low, ensuring excellent value for money.

Finally, we believe in efficiency and customizability. We guarantee short delivery times due to efficient material use, and our products are inherently expandable. We also value customizability, ensuring that each product is tailored to perfectly meet your unique needs.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Oprichtingsjaar: 2016
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