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Dutch Deco Finish Branche: Lifestyle en retail, Interieur


DDF | Dutch Deco Finish developed different successful, innovative and sustainable methods to finish surfaces of all kind.

The people from DDF work from their homebase workshop to finish e.g. surfaces of furniture, windowsills or worktops. For bigger projects you could meet them in the retail- or catering industry to finish floors, walls and even pools or wet rooms.

| Concreet look |
DDF concreet look finishes come in a variety of colors and structures. You can choose from the standard concreet look color collection, or pick your custom made tone. All concrete look finishes are made of a mixture based on natural minerals and are colored with pigments.

| Liquid Cold Metal |
The latest addition to the range of surface finishes is Liquid Cold Metal (LCM). DDF changes every surface or 3D object into real metal with this new method. Available metals are brass, bronze, copper, aluminium, iron, zinc, tin, stainless steel, nickel, silver, gunsmoke, reflex and medical copper.

* Metal coatings
* Decorative finishes

Schubertsingel 56
5216 XA Den Bosch
T: 06-22437085
I: Website

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