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Eric Groenen

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AnyWare Branche: ICT & Telecommunicatie, Software


We can help you take control of your asset management data and transform your business into a predictive powerhouse.

AnyWare has been founded in 2020 and is part of the Dual Inventive Group and is located in the center of Tilburg. With a team of 15 enthusiasts, AnyWare focuses on developing and operating an Asset Management Cloud as a Service (SaaS) for many different industries.

AnyWare is a tech company that offers an Asset Management Cloud. With an enthusiastic team of 15 people, we help our customers to make the most important step in the Digital Transformation: Asset Management.

Lieve Vrouweplein 13 B
5038 TS Tilburg
T: 013-5339969
I: Website

Business facts
Medewerkers: 10 - 25
Oprichtingsjaar: 2020
Vestigingen: 3
Jaaromzet: -