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Michiel van Keijsteren

Partner bij Dutch Economics

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Dutch Economics Branche: Zakelijke dienstverlening, Overig zakelijke dienstverlening


DutchEconomics is committed to help entrepreneurs reach their full potential. More specifically, we help internationally operating companies who want to expand their businesses to the Netherlands.

With DutchEconomics, you can count on a team of high-skilled partners in both business and administration to help you develop your activities in the Netherlands, gateway to Europe.

From the outset, these partners – locals and expats living in the Netherlands – are here to understand and successfully link your culture, your business, your goals to the Dutch market. With a drive and determination that matches yours and the advantage of knowing the ways, including those to hidden opportunities.

Nieuwe Linie 7
5264 PJ Vught
T: 06-22696420
I: Website

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Oprichtingsjaar: 2015
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