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Conade Branche: Mobiliteit, transport & logistiek, Overig mobiliteit, transport en logistiek


Having more than 25 years experience in the logistics Industry and in the CEE region on various Management and Global Sales roles, Conade is the right partner to support your company on its General, Commercial and HRM plans.

Conade is a consulting company, based in Tilburg, the Netherlands, focusing on commercial and general support in the logistics and HRM Industry.

The wide experience in the CEE region is an additional USP which makes Conade, and of course his partners and customers, successful to reach their targets. Our business solutions, see below, are offered across Europe:

1) Sales & business development support for logistics service providers:
* Sales and business development support(global scale)
* General support for logistics service providers(SME) willing to extend their network in the CEE region.
* General support for logistics service providers from CEE region to develop their network in the Netherlands / western Europe.

2) Executive search and HRM consultancy.
Executive search on mid management and higher level in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Balkan region. Focus on the logistics industry.

3) General support for logistics service providers (SME) willing to extend their network in the CEE region

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5032 XH Tilburg
T: 06-30487580
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